My Dargz - Filmed and Directed by Emmet.

We decided to film the making of our 'My Dargz' T Shirt. The video features me, Emmet, Hand printing T Shirts ready for distribution. All products here at Habits, are hand printed and packed in the HQ to ensure quality control is at its highest.


Sharks Capsule - Filmed and Directed by Emmet.

A video we created for a collection that was launched in 2018, just before i landed in Bangkok. The idea behind this collection was to show the Sharks in the creative scene, Jawsin people at every chance they get.


Habersace - Filmed and Directed by Emmet.

The promo video that ripped off Versace. Big up Alto for helpinng out with this one, tune aswell my Darg. This collection was meant to be just a T Shirt, but turned into a full range aswell.. Swear i went on a bender before i dropped this and almost missed the launch.