Global Trademark - Louis Butler Photoshoot

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During the production stage of the Habits G.T Collection, I decided to shout Louis butler. Louis is a Manchester based photographer who predominantly shoots using film. I had been meaning to link Louis  with some Habit's garm's for some time now but nothing had been completed on the many a times we shouted each other. It's was mint to finally get some tings over to him.
Louis met up with me through October some time at the Habits HQ to grabs some garments, before meeting with the brodie Ed. I met Ed one night at my boy Sherlocks bar.. Doing the usual chit chat with the white golden powders off someones belly button on the pool table (No lie, this shit happened) 
I didn't know much about the shoot as i was banging on with my own tings for Habits.. By the looks of things, it seems that Louis headed over the Eds studio by Wellington mill to crack on with das shoot. Wellington was a big big ting for Habits.. This is where habits started, this is the beginning of who i am and what Habits is now. It all started here, in a unit with my boy Mike Newton, Introduced to me by Fitz. Fitz was another big part to the start of Habits.. Fitz got out of jail after the riots and landed in the Mill with his sound system that we used to through free parties with, everything then changed and we became more 'professional'.. Fitz started a club then introduced me to Mike who got me into the whole printing and shit. The along came Habits.. Obviously it wasn't all choir boy shit, stuff went down. Swear I used to dance around the club, wired out my bean with my pet snake around my neck, another time though.
Buzzing for these photos, top one lad. Its always good to build on my crew and get more people involved in the gang. If you feel you're up for being part of the madness and have some sort of creative output that can contribute to the growth of the ting, get in touch via email:
Bless up!